Compiling the sources

If you are this brave, this is what you need: The following are the patches for some of the above (if you want to compile yourself). Please note that Planner 0.l4 and beyond already include the patches to compile on Windows. You will hit some problems with the default files supplied from Tor's site, so you will need to edit the following files: bin/freetype-config (remove unnecessary MS library dependencides after the libs=...-L<dir> near the bottom) and lib/pkgconfig/pangoft2.pc (edit the references to I:\... directories and change them to ${includedir} and ${includedir}/freetype2

To compile, I've used MSYS/MingW32 but it should be possible to compile under Cygwin (untested). Make sure you have ~/dev/bin in your path (or whatever directory you extract the development packages from Tor's site). CD to Planner's patched source top directory and issue "make -f Makefile.win32".

Creating the runtime structure a bit of challenge, so look at what the installer is doing.

Finally, the installer source code is here (adapted from Gaim's installer).

Please let me know how it goes, hopefully well like it did with me. Please remember that the Windows native printing may or may not work for you, depending on the printer driver, etc.. (I've opened a few bugs against libgnomeprint already but this is not ready for prime time yet, so use the PDF or Postscript for now). Logo
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